Embodied learning

Leadership learning in action


Speak up, be seen and be taken seriously


Cultivate team trust and connection


Develop authentic leadership presence and connect your team in a meaningful way through embodied learning.

Build awareness of how you show up and team habits. Then play, practice, embody and become the leader and team you want to be.

Hi, I'm Catherine

An executive and team coach dedicated to unleashing authentic communications in leaders and teams through embodied learning.

More about me

Working with team leaders, executives, and rising stars

Leadership Presence

Individuals who want to:

> be taken seriously
> speak up & be seen
> lead & influence
> be respected
> enjoy presenting
> manage aggression & conflict
> be confident & bold
> have impact

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Experiential Workshops &
Outdoor Activities

Teams who want to:

> build safety, trust & connection
> strengthen resilience
> be agile & innovative
> build community & inclusion
> improve communications & collaboration
> set new ways of working
> boost performance
> shift mindsets & cultures

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Embodied learning is using physical experiences, movement and interactions to provide:

Visibility to hidden patterns

Quicker, deeper insights

Practices that integrate change

Results you see and feel

Are you ready to become the leader and team you want to be?

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