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With more than 700 members, the Body of Knowledge is an active community of like-minded people who meet at least monthly to explore how the body gives you access to learning. Workshops, special embodiment events, and popular Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing events are held as well as casual social events. The community brings together people who share a common interest in being present to being in your body, with others and exploring embodied learning.

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Im Lohnhof 8, Basel
15 CHF to CCN

Pilgrimage lessons from the Camino de Santiago / St. Jakob‘s Weg

Monday, 18 March 2019, 7-9 pm

Two years ago, Catherine Peloquin walked the Camino de Santiago (St. Jakob’s Weg), the 800 km pilgrimage across northern Spain. Five weeks of walking revealed why pilgrimages are a journey with spiritual significance. Catherine will share stories of the people who helped her learn her pilgrimage lessons and how she applies these top 10 principles in her daily life.

This is sponsored by the Basel Conscious Connection Network.

More details:

During this monthly dialogue, Catherine will share practical tips, show you what she packed and how the journey changed her life. It also fueled her knowledge and passion in learning through the body.

7-7:30 pm – arrivals, apero and welcome
7:30-9 pm – program, Q&A
Cost 15 CHF – payable cash at the door to Basel Conscious Connection Network

About Catherine
Catherine is an executive and team coach specializing in leadership presence and embodied learning. Catherine supports leaders to speak up, influence and be taken seriously. She leads experiential learning workshops for corporate teams to empower communities, build safety and trust and deepen connection.

As a certified somatic coach and team facilitator, she is passionate about using physical activities and active games to expand awareness. Leaders and teams see hidden habits and experience lasting change through practical exercises. As a former TV anchor and with nearly 20 years of corporate health care communications experience, she is a trusted partner to executives and teams in the spotlight who want to show up at their best.

Catherine’s mission is to inspire people to return to listening to their bodies’ intelligence through nature and the power of presence. She leads public workshops, hikes and nature immersions (Shinrin Yoku’s) through her Body of Knowledge Meet Up group.

Past Events

University of Basel Botanical Gardens
Spalengraben 8, Basel
20 CHF

Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing: nature as medicine

Saturday, 9 February, 2019, 9 am - noon

Shinrin Yoku is an immersion in nature proven to have multiple health benefits. Come and receive nature as medicine, but find something more for your body, mind or spirit.

More details:

I‘ve just completed my training in Costa Rica to become a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide and am excited to share my deepened learnings in our next Shinrin Yoku.

The Meet Up location is in the entryway of the Tropenhaus (tropical house) at the University of Basel Botanical Gardens, Spalengraben 8. Arrive by 9 am and we can leave jackets and bags in the lockers. Hopefully, we‘ll beat the crowds to this toasty winter haven. We will finish by noon.

Donations of 20 to 40 CHF appreciated (based on the value of the experience to you.)


Shinrin Yoku was developed in Japan in the 1980s and multiple clinical studies show this “forest bathing” trend has many health benefits. During this 3-hour nature immersion, you will “take in the forest atmosphere” to receive nature as medicine.

To facilitate your immersion, I will gladly carry your mobile phones so you can disconnect and reconnect with yourself, nature and the people present.

I will offer a series of invitations – ideas to help you get present and be with nature and see what gifts or medicine it may give you.

Im Lohnhof 8, Basel
Cost 20 CHF to PWG

Achieving Goals: How Your Body Inspires

Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 7 - 9 pm

Need motivation or sustainable energy to reach that goal you have for your business or life?

Join this special Professional Women’s Group of Basel event.

More details

Need motivation or sustainable energy to reach that goal you have for your business or life?

In this interactive workshop, you‘ll see how your body can inspire you through some simple embodied learning exercises. You‘ll get clarity on your focus and understand what‘s needed for you to get into action and achieve what you want.

Main Benefits / Take Aways
• Clarity on one goal
• Discover key motivators
• Feel the momentum to get going

Registration required, please book your ticket here:

Attendance is free for PWG members, guests are charged 20 CHF.

Quartierzentrum Bachletten (QUBA)
Bachlettenstrasse 12, Basel
30 CHF

When Your Body Speaks: Stage Presence Workshop for Presenters

Saturday, 23 February 2019, 9 am - noon

Better manage your presentation fears, communicate more powerfully through your gestures, stature and stance.  Learn how to plan your body language and use your full body as a powerful resource for speaking.  This interactive workshop goes beyond power posing, but new powerful ways to bring to your presentations.

This event is sponsored by the Toastmasters Club of Basel and is open to the public.

Please register by sending an email to

Download the event flyer!

More details:

Do you worry about looking nervous, standing stiff, or rambling when you speak before a group?
Are you looking for new ways to become comfortable and better manage yourself when presenting?

Most people fear public speaking more than death. This fear can take over your body and your ability to be yourself when presenting. Speakers understand that non-verbal communication speaks louder than your words. But how do you manage yourself and present your best body language?

In this interactive workshop, you will experience how your body and presence can be a powerful resource when presenting. You will work in small groups and pairs to:
• Practice new way to diminish your public speaking fears
• Gain feedback on the messages your body is sending
• Prepare your body and how to effectively use it on stage
• Develop a new confidence in owning your story and connecting with your audience

Join us to master your presence to be more purposeful for your next presentation.

Catherine‘s workshop shifted how I see my own leadership presence and helped me to acknowledge my unique leadership characteristic. Catherine‘s facilitation gave space for reflection allowing the group to come with different inputs. I could reflect on how my presence makes others feel and ways I can transform that. I loved the movement and dynamic exercises that helped me experience this in my body.

Public Health Project Manager

Catherine‘s coaching and workshops provided me with physical experiences that made the realizations really enter my System (or consciousness). It was much more tangible than just to talk about it. Partnering with Catherine gave me focus and direction on next steps to take. I became more and more confident to be who I am and just show it.

Human Resources Project Manager

Catherine gets you out of your comfort zone to experience a lot of ah-ha moments, but always keeps you feeling safe. After every workshop, I leave with a lot of impressions, insights and a positive, motivated mindset.

Organizational Development Manager

I learned what is foundational for an authentic speech!

Logistics manager

The workshop brings you to a side of presentation skills that are usually not a focus when learning how to present well. I feel it opened a new opportunity for me to work on my body presence in the future.

Marketing leader