Leadership Presence - Integrity in Action

Do you hold back, doubt yourself or worry about how you show up?

Do you want to be promoted, have your team follow, present without fear or be more present for critical conversations?

Build your confidence, credibility, connection, composure and charisma through leadership presence coaching.

Self-observation supports self-mastery

As you manage teams or projects your focus is often “out there“ on how you act. Instead, are you aware of your own internal system—your automatic reactions, body language, interactions and perceptions? This is your presence—your ability to stay in tune with yourself while connecting with your environment.

Presence is:

  • an expanded awareness in relationships that are felt and experienced
  • the space for choosing your best respond (even under pressure)
  • owning your story with confidence, not arrogance
  • consistently acting from your values and what’s important
  • increased capacity for empathy, connection, and authenticity

Presence coaching upgrades your leadership in:

Leadership Presence

Instilling new habits in your posture, facial expressions, movement, voice, behaviors, listening, how you interaction and influence

Emotional Intelligence

Regulating intense, aggressive reactions under stress by managing triggers and conditioned responses

Conflict & Negotiations

Giving feedback and your opinion while blending with the needs of others

Authentic Communications

Comfortably expressing your personality, thoughts, feelings, and leadership style

Leadership Presence

Decision-making clarity, effectively managing your mood, stress, time and activities for productivity


Living your blended work/life vision, managing your energy and avoiding burnout and overwhelm

Voice & Speech

Expressing authority and understanding through verbal tone, volume, inflection, and language accent

How we work together

Working with clients from around the world, we meet online, in my Basel office or outdoors. We tailor our plan to achieve your short-term presentation or long-term leadership goals. I offer:

    • 60-minute Leadership Presence Assessment
    • 3, 16-hour and one-year packages
    • 60-90 minute meetings or 3-4 hours outdoors
    • The Leadership Circle 360 Profile assessment
    • Workshops and retreats

To get started

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I really enjoyed the creative tools Catherine used to get me unstuck, to bring clarity to my thoughts and to get me thinking out of the box.

Operations Manager

Our dialogues helped me clearly make a choice that was right for me. I discovered fear is not an excuse to stop me from fulfilling my dream. I felt very comfortable with Catherine, our connection just flowed!

Sr. Research and Development Team Leader

Catherine knows when to push a little and when to just hold the space and silence so that I was comfortable in taking my time to arrive at my truth.

CEO, Technology Solutions Company

Catherine gave me new insights that helped me better connect with my team. It always works. If you can connect people to your true story it completes a different bond to people.

Global Medical Executive

Catherine brought me out of my usual thinking patterns into new perspectives and new ways of approaching certain topics. She has a wonderful way of reflecting back and acknowledging what she hears and observes.

Human Resources Business Partner

I learned a lot about myself as a professional and about my direction. Once uncovered with the help of Catherine, these new insights immediately felt like the most natural thing. She helped me see what I was not been able to bring out by myself. I have more clarity on the direction I see for myself and there is great momentum on making it happen.

Human Resources Business Partner

Catherine listens very well between the lines of what is said and concisely articulates the bottom line. I began to see the mind/body connection and am more mindful of my physical space and how I hold myself.

Human Resources Leader