Empowering teams through embodied learning

Develop authentic leadership presence and connect your team in a meaningful way through embodied learning.

Shift how your team collaborates, communicates or performs. 

Build team safety and trust.

Turn ambiguity into self-management.

Embodied learning, or experiential learning, is a high impact way to deliver practical, sustainable change.
Active exercises connect your team in a new way.
Resulting in more meaningful dialogues on what’s important.

Embodied learning workshops can:

  • Turn thinkers to wholehearted change champions
  • Deepen listening, connection & collaboration
  • Unite leadership teams to walk-the-talk
  • Embrace uncertainty and “not knowing” to discover new possibilities
  • Establish safety for authenticity and openness
  • Enhance feedback and speak up cultures
  • Boost team performance, passion and momentum
  • Refresh and celebrate your team’s purpose

Recent project results:

Pharmaceutical, biotech, logistics and consumer product clients.

  • Reduced conflict and deepened trust on a dispersed global team building team capabilities for feedback and interpersonal communications
  • Elevated organization understanding of resilience needs of colleagues, increased trust in asking for support and hatched new ideas for better managing team resilience
  • Built team confidence in collaborating through an organizational change. Individuals deepened understanding of how their style impacts team
    dynamics and how to communicate more effectively
  • United leadership team to walk-the-talk and break down silos to unite global organization at multiple sites
  • Deepened organizational connection and passion in new 40+ person team by engaging them creatively in values, priority and expectation discussions
  • Deepened engagement in the mentorship program with mentor presence and listening skills, empowered mentees to make clear requests and confidently give feedback to more senior colleagues

Creative customized workshops and outdoor events

  • Blend active physical activities and powerful discussions
  • Play with improvisation, agility, and Authentic Relating games
  • Partner with mountaineer, equestrian and other embodiment experts
  • Use outdoor activities like rock climbing, nature walks
  • Use assessments like The Leadership Circle Profile, FEBI Energy Assessment and strength finder tools

Catherine is great working with people and teams. She quickly understands personal motivations and team dynamics, asks great questions, and consistently provides practical, constructive feedback and ideas. No doubt she was a catalyst for better teamwork on my team.

Pharma Development Sr. Leader

Catherine is thoughtful and inclusive. She drives the agenda forward without the team fully realizing they are actually being guided through a process. Catherine can bridge high level concepts and process for tactical outputs. She is Genuine, listens for meaning, seeks greater picture, collaborative. Energetic. Engaged. Focusing on what matters. Good, laid back and effective style. Creative, reliable, productive and enthusiastic.

Marketing Leadership Team

Catherine's ability to catch the essence in a minute and translate to insights is outstanding. Catherine is straight to the point and tells frankly what she sees needs to be done.

Global Commercial Executive

Having the opportunity to get up and move around--its seldomly done in meetings like this. Relaxed atmosphere. Varied methods of demonstration. Interactive exercises. Lots of interaction and safe discussion environment.

Global Marketing Team

Catherine is an open and friendly person, who was able to consistently act as both a trusted sounding board and an insightful adviser to me during challenging times.

Global Pharmaceutical Strategy Executive

Our team struggled with communications and conflict among some members. Catherine delivered a powerful workshop that helped individuals build self awareness. In the workshop, the team took a journey together creating a new level of openness, trust and a deeper bond. The team became comfortable in uncomfortable conversation and in the unknown. It was one of the most impactful workshops as a full team, which led to a significant step forward and many discussions afterwards about how to implement change. Catherine really created a shift in mindset, gave the team a common vocabulary and tools to help apply to situations.

Global Pharmaceutical Marketing Leader